Premium Navy Purple Stripes Men's Tie

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Made from High-Quality & High Wearing fabric, this Gentlemens Choice Navy Purple Stripes Men's Tie is ideal for any occasion where a formal look is required. 

Make a stylish statement with this Premium Gentlemens Choice Navy Purple Stripes Neck Tie. Classic but Super Stylish.

Recommended Knot:

The Oriental Knot. this Simple Knot contains the fewest possible steps and is very easy to learn.

The Four-In-Hand Knot is tied by placing the tie around the neck and crossing the broad end of the tie in front of the narrow end.

The Kelvin Knot is an extension of the Simple knot. Like the Simple knot, the Kelvin starts with the tie lying inside out resulting in an inverted tail.

Best pair to our High-Quality Classic Silver Professional Tie Bar Clip.