The Founders & Co. Barbershop

Building upon our success at the Strand location were we experienced remarkable growth, both in terms of reputation and customer base. Capitalising on our expertise in grooming and commitment to excellence, we decided to open the second location in 2022  This strategic expansion reflects the brand's vision to reach a wider audience and establish a presence in new territories, as we aspire to become a leading name in the industry.

The second store's inauguration showcases Gentlemens Choice's unwavering dedication to offering a comprehensive grooming experience for men, encompassing not only the finest luxury accessories but also an exceptional barbershop service. With each new location, they aim to redefine the grooming landscape, elevating the traditional barbershop concept to new heights by providing a haven of sophistication where men can truly indulge in self-care




Gentlemens Choice Swansea Barbers & Luxury Store are Appointment-only Barbershops & Store so there is No Waiting in Long Queues for a rushed service & every client gets the attention they deserve.