Premium Flower Pocket Square with Red Trim

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Simple, Classic, & FashionableGentlemens Choice Premium Flower Pocket Square with Red Trim brings a gold touch to your look!

Designed to match multiple ties, these pocket squares are a nice pop color that will compliment & not outshine your tie. They are designed to give a sharp, crisp, & more durable but premium look.

  • Depending on the folding method you adopt, the handkerchief can be customised easily and is thus perfect for the size of your shirt or suit pocket
  • An elegant and fashionable accessory for the Modern Man - turn up in style to every occasion!

Recommended Fold:  

Angel’s Peak Fold. If you have a contrast edge, the angel’s peak fold can look quite elegant. Just keep in mind that this fold will require adjustment after being inserted into the pocket, so as not to look pre-folded.