Best Sea Salt Hair Spray for Men

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Gentlemens Choice - Best Sea Salt Spray for Men has the ability to recreate an effortless-looking finish to any hairstyle.

Provides Natural Definition, Texture, & Volume to Hair without weighing it down. Adds grip and texture to fine hair. The perfect blow drying product can be paired with other choice products for your desired look.



Sea Salt Spray adds Extra Thickness & a Gritty Texture to Hair, making it look fuller and more rigid. It also simply makes hair easier to style.


Gentlemens Choice - Best Sea Salt Spray is great for gents with slightly thinning hair as it allows you to Achieve More Creative Hairstyles. It makes fine hair appear thicker and provides a better foundation for your styling product to finish on.

HOLD: Medium / Strong

SCENT: Coconut & Mandarin

HOW TO USE: Apply to damp hair. air-dry hair for a natural finish or blow-dry for extra fullness and texture.

FINISH: Creates a messy, undone look, adding volume, texture and control. Great for thickening fine hair.

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