Premium Brown Knit Tie with White Stripes

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Stand out in the crowd with this Gentlemen's Choice Premium Brown Knit Tie with White Stripes. This Knit Tie meets the modern cut with a high-quality finish that is perfect for the Modern Gent. 

Even though Knitted Ties are popular with well-dressed gentlemen today, We would say the general public or the average Joe is not quite familiar with knit ties and so if you wear one, it automatically makes you stand out in a sophisticated and subtle way.

  • Premium-Quality finish with stunning colors.
  • Modern Designs & can be worn in lots of different ways. 

Recommended Knot: For ideal results, we recommend using a Four in Hand Knot for a knit tie - most other knots create a bulky result.

Best pair to our High-Quality Classic Silver Professional Tie Bar Clip.